germes_frCleaning, dust removal and disinfection of ventilation ducts are essential operations to ensure hygienic conditions.

The accumulation of dust and dirt ducts can cause some inconvenience as:

  • A reduction in the air flow within the ventilation system.
  • Fire hazards.
  • Bacterial and viral spreads.
  • An increase in respiratory problems in health care settings.
  • An increase in worker absentee rate.
  • Pollen
  • Acarien
  • Bacteria

A diagnostic of the ventilation system allows the inspection of air ducts to determine the nature of the contamination and for identifying any problem areas within the system. This allows us to establish precise maintenance operations and control bacterial infections.

Also, don’t forget:

  • Dryer’s air duct
  • Air Exchangers
  • Air duct
  • Others


Technical solutions applicable to the cleaning and decontamination of air ducts vary according to the complexity of the ventilation system and the desired results:

  • Inspection by one of our technicians (on demand)
  • System disinfection (anti-bacterial products)